The Science of Passive House Building

We use the Passive House Planning Package software to help you build the home of your dreams and achieve the highest green energy standard possible. This is applied building science at its best. We design and build homes that maintain a comfortable interior environment without large mechanical systems.


Recognized globally, Passive House is an energy standard unmatched by other green-building standards. It is a highly detailed performance based design tool that determines building energy consumption by analyzing the individual building’s geometry and thermal characteristics in a specific climate. Each project must be individually calculated by a Passive House Consultant and verified by the Passive House Institute US for accuracy. See Passive House for more information.

To date over 15,000 Passive House projects have already been completed worldwide. Currently the European Commission has plans to implement the Passive House Standard for all new homes by 2015. This proven system yields uncompromising results. Read more about Passive House principles here.

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